TitleZombie Game
DateSpring 2010
PurposeGame Creation Society Project
  • 2D isometric zombie survivial game
  • Victorian style soldiers from various countries that join your cause
  • Weapons with long reload times but strong firepower
  • Hundreds of zombies that use A* pathing to intelligently find you
  • Vehicles that squash zombies

Zombie Game is a 2D isometric Victorian style zombie survivial game. You are a mercenary that leads a line of soldiers in a snake fashion as you follow a story that takes you across different countries. Your weapons have long reload times, but give a satisfying boom as they devestate zombies. However, the hundreds of zombies out there constantly pursuing your brains are still a constant threat.

The team consisted of 5 programmers. I worked on the core game engine, game object class abstraction, and AI for the zombies and soliders.