TitleTacCom: Fury of the Sun God
Date2010 - 2011
PurposeGame Creation Society Project
LibrariesBullet, OpenGL
LinkGoogle Site
  • 3D RTS with FPS elements
  • Units can be controlled from the FPS view to take direct command of the battlefield
  • Most of the engine is written from scratch

TacCom: Fury of the Sun God is a 3D RTS game with FPS elements. It was started off mainly as a learning experience, because the lead programmer wanted to build the engine mostly from scratch.

We had a small team with 3 programmers and 3 artists. Also since the project was done during our spare time throughout the school year, we only managed to create a playable demo with basic features such as hit selection, creation, movement, and attacking.

I was in charge of the higher level gameplay such as game object class abstraction, weapon systems, movement systems, and AI.