DateFall 2011
PurposeYahoo! Open-Hack All-Stars
LanguagesCSS, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
PressNews Article, Video Interview
  • Ruum creation with a single click
  • Optional password to protect your ruum
  • Easily sharable link that has a unique 7 digit code
  • Intuative drag-and-drop interface and traditional file upload dialog for sharing files
  • Batch download that allows users to select the files they want to download in a .zip
  • Image and video previews
  • File comments and tags
  • Real-time change propagation
  • Real-time chat

Ruum is a real-time collaboration workspace created for the 2011 Yahoo! Open-Hack All-Stars 24 hour hacking competition. Our team of 4 managed to beat teams from around the world to win the $10,000 prize for first place. Our team consisted of two frontend programmers, a backend programmer, and an artist.

After reading an XKCD comic about the difficulties of sharing files, we created Ruum. It allows users to easily share files and collaborate in real-time.

I was in charge of writing all of the backend to store files and propagate events, all of which was written from scratch.

The greatest challenge was making the real-time event notifications work efficiently. We used AJAX long-polling with our apache webserver which works for a small number of users. However, to make it scale better we considered porting the webserver to erlang.