TitleParallel SPH
DateSpring 2012
Purpose15418 Parallel Computer Architecture & Programming Final Project
LanguagesC++, CUDA
LinksFinal Report
  • CPU implementation
  • GPU CUDA implementation
  • Distributed MPI CPU & GPU implementation
  • Interactive

Parallel SPH is a parallel interactive implementation of smooth particle hydrodynamics created for our final project for 15418. SPH is a computational method for simulating fluids using particles. We made a single core CPU implementation, a CUDA GPU implementation, then extended both implementations with MPI to run across multiple computers. For more in depth explanation and analysis of SPH and our project please read the final report.

I worked with a partner and programmed all our code from scratch.

100k Particle simulation with hue-based coloring.
100k Particle simulation with 4 computers colored based on computer.
100k Particle simulation with white-blue coloring. Shows interactive aspects such as user injecting velocity into particles and moving the camera.