TitleSiggraph 2013 Paper
DateFall 2011
PurposeCMU Graphics Lab
LanguagesPython, Unix
PlatformsAWS EC2
LinkWebsite, Paper, Video
  • Significant speedup to achieve real-time computation of computational problems like fluid simulation and radiosity
  • Allows the use of Galerkin projection on deformable meshes

Non-Polynomial Galerkin Projection on Deforming Meshes is a Sigraph 2013 paper that extends the use of Galerkin projection to a large class of non-polynomial functions that allows its use with deforming meshes.

As an undergraduate research programmer I created python scripts to create the eagle and mixing chamber demo and simulate the fluid simulation. There was a tough problem of calculating the tetrahedral mesh and deforming it such that tetrahedra did not invert. Also I created scripts to use AWS EC2 linux nodes as a rendering farm.