DateFall 2009
PurposeYahoo! CMU 2009 Hackathon
LanguagesCSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP
LibrariesJQuery, YQL
  • New creative way to browse Flickr
  • Term seach that generates a mosaic of a picture created from other pictures that match the same term
  • Link to a specific picture that is easily sharable
  • Top searches list

FlickrThrough is a photo-mosaic generator for Flickr created for the Yahoo! CMU 2009 Hackathon. Our team of 4 people won first place.

Flickrthrough allows users to search Flickr for photos matching a given term. It will then choose a photo matching the term randomly and create a photo mosaic of the picture, displaying the original picture and the mosaic side-by-side. The user can then mouse over the mosaic to see the individual pictures and click on them to generate a photo-mosaic for that image. The photos are downloaded from Flickr on the fly, so the mosaics are different every day.

I was in charge of the algorithm for creating the mosaic. The hardest part was making the algorithm efficient. The first time searching for a term we have to cache the images related to that term, which takes a while. But once the images are cached, generating mosaics is fairly fast, clocking in at around 10 seconds.