DateSummer 2008
PurposeEPGY AI Course
LibrariesSwing, Awt
LinkSourceforge Project
  • Modular abstraction using interfaces and classes, allowing any AI that implements the given interface to play
  • AIs are dynamically loaded using their .class files
  • Any AI can be matched against any other AI or human
  • Customizable rules such as time interval allotted per turn, and max number of moves
  • History of all moves made throughout the match
  • Experimental AI classes using neural networks and an accompanying trainer

EBFCheckers was a checkers AI game system and GUI written for the 2008 EPGY Summer AI Course. The professor of the course wanted the students to write Checkers AIs and have them compete in a round-robin tournament. As a student, I volunteered to help with the game system and spent my spare time writing a robust game system as well as a GUI for interacting with the system. I distributed my project to all the students to help them with their development of their AI.

My partner and I wrote an AI, HAL900, that won the tournament with only 1 loss. I also experimented with what we learned about neural networks in the AI course. I created a generic neural network system and tried using it in a Checkers AI, but I was not able to get satisfactory performance from those AIs.