TitleCharity + Map
DateFebruary 2013
LanguagesBash, CSS, HTML, Javascript
LibrariesAngular 2.0, Bootstrap, CloudSearch, DynamoDB, ExpressJS, Facebook SDK, Google Maps, NodeJS, Stripe, Webpack
  • Responsive layout
  • Synchronized ionteractive list and map view for browsing projects
  • Filtering by categories, organizations, or other properties
  • Facebook login
  • Detailed tracking of contributions over time and by category
  • Fully functional website payments using stripe

Charity + Map was a project to aggregate various non profit projects across many organizations that users could donate to. It aimed to provide detailed information on the projects and their organizations in a simple and modern interface. It also kept a history of user donations so that they could view their history of giving over time or broken down by various facets.

The prototype was fully functional, but was ultimately shelved because of lack of support from potential non-profit partners.

I worked with 3 other programmers as the lead programmer. I designed and setup the server architecture using NodeJS, ExpressJS in docker for the server, DynamoDB for the database, and CloudSearch for searching data. I also worked with a designer and implemented the whole front end.