TitleCave of Elements
DateFall 2011
PurposeGame Programming Class Final Project
ProgramsMaya, Unity
  • 2D isometric dungeon crawler
  • Element based spell system with five different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Arcane
  • Unique charge system that allows the player to power up spells at the cost of mana and gain a bonus effect at full charge

Cave of Elements was a game created for the final project of the Game Programming Class at CMU. My partner and I were given 2 weeks to create a game of our own choosing. Since both of us were programmers, most of the models and textures were taken from the Unity packages or free resources online. We did not have time to flesh out the story of the game, but we created some interesting combat against basic AI.

The premise of the Cave of Trials is that the player is a Priestess of Light undergoing a series of trials to test her worthiness. We planned to base each trial on one of the seven deadly sins. Where we give the player free will to do as she pleases, but different sins will result in different consequences that last throughout the game.

I was in charge of creating the art assets and worked on mostly the AI and component system. I used Maya to clean up a model we got online, rig it with a skeleton and animate the model. I also wrote some of the more complex AI behaviours such as pathfinding, dodging projectiles, and detecting enemies. And I created most of the code for the component based system we used to create units and spells.