FFmpeg Video Recorder
September 2016

A customizable open source android video recorder library that combined multiple recordings.

July 2016

An android client for a social network based on location.

Law Buddy
December 2016

A website to help people find free legal help.

Charity + Map
February 2013

A website that empowers users to discover, contribute, and track social charitable giving.

Summer 2012

A rhythm game for windows phone with a unique hexagonal layout.

Parallel SPH
Spring 2012

An interactive parallel implementation of smooth particle hydrodynamics.

I Broke The Thing
Spring 2012

A 2D platformer where the player races against himself in a time loop.

Cave of Elements
Fall 2011

A dungeon crawler using the Unity Engine.

Fall 2011

A quick and simple real-time collaboration workspace.

Siggraph 2013 Paper
Fall 2011

Non-Polynomial Galerkin Projection on Deforming Meshes.

TacCom: Fury of the Sun God
2010 - 2011

A 3D RTS game with FPS elements.

Time-Varying Network Explorer
Spring 2010

A visualization of genes and proteins and how their relationships change over time.

Zombie Game
Spring 2010

A 2D isometric Victorian style zombie survivial game.

Fall 2009

A 2D side-scrolling game where the player leads a hive of bees to conquer the world.

Fall 2009

A creative way to browse Flickr using photo-mosaics.

Summer 2008

A robust checkers game system and GUI designed for checkers AIs to play each other.