15-418 Final Project
This is the final project website for 15-418 for Amos Yuen and Andrew Lau.
Final Report
Week Plan To Do What We Did
Apr 1-7 Start CPU Simulation Did some reasearch and started implementing CPU version.
Apr 8-14 Finish CPU Simulation Finished CPU version, but there may still be a few bugs.
Apr 15-21 Start CUDA Implementation Fixed bugs and tuned various parameters and kernels. Also had some trouble getting the Makefile to work properly.
Apr 22-26 Finish CUDA Implementation Started CUDA implementation
Apr 27-29 Study for 15418 Exam II Studied for 15418 Exam II
Apr 30-May 3 Optimize CUDA / Start adding MPI Worked on other projects
May 4-May 6 Finish Adding MPI Studied for other exams
May 7 Finish CUDA Implementation Finished CUDA Implementation
May 8 Optimize CUDA / Start MPI Implementation Optimized CUDA / Start MPI Implementation
May 9 Finish MPI Implementation Finished MPI Implementation
May 10 Prepare for presentation Prepared for presentation
May 11 Write Final Report Wrote Final Report